The Quad Bikes
Honda TRX 250
Our Honda TRX 250's are a semi automatic ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).  They are an easy quad bike to learn to ride from beginner to experienced rider.   All Honda ATV's are reliable and durable and are ranked as number one selling ATV's in Australia. 

Honda TRX 90

Just like their 250 counterpart the TRX 90 is a semi-automatic ATV that is easy to ride, reliable and durable.  The only difference is that this bike is for kids (12-16 years old).  We've added 3 of these bikes to our fleet which means we now offer a family tour (2 adults and 3 kids).
Honda promotes safe and responsible operation of its All Terrain Vehicles, which is why they introduced a special accredited course which teaches riders techniques to enhance their riding skills and safety.  Your guide is fully accredited in All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Riding (21669VIC Accreditation) through Honda Australia Rider Training.